Built-in Seating…

Relax.. entertain…

You can have seating anywhere in your garden. There might a beautiful spot that catches the morning or evening light. That’s the spot you want to plan for seating. Built-in seating works best spanning between raised beds.  The seat tops can be made from soft or hard-wood timber and finished with a high-quality wood stain or varnish. There’s nothing better than sitting on sun-warmed wood nestled between beautiful flower beds!
Much like the raised beds, we can plan and install a strip light to the underside of the seat top. This lighting feature is subtle but makes a big difference to the ambience of the garden. Any guests will be drawn down the garden to sit on your comfy bench.
Built-in Seating
Other considerations:
  • Obviously, you don’t have to wedded to having a wooden seat. We can provide several options. You could have stone for example, but we would suggest you’ll need some summer cushions otherwise it can get a bit cold and uncomfortable.
  • As with any seating, it’s important to consider the height and position. The orientation of seating in your garden can be planned from the start, and we can measure the best height based on standards and ratios next to any raised beds or walls, but also if you want something unique.
  • The shade of wood or other material is important. It must look the part when it’s not being used too.
Seat maintenance…
As your seating will be at the correct height, then it won’t have the same challenges faced by decking or paving.  A quick sweep of leaves, and some soapy water, and it will be ready again.  We don’t recommend using jet washers or chemicals on seats that have wood finishes.