Garden Design is the first step…

PM Landscaping has been designing and building bespoke gardens in South West London for over 25 years.
We only work on one project at a time giving you our utmost service and attention. If you need a stunning, relaxing, stimulating, enhancing outside space, that is both practical, usable, and has a strong sense of colour and style, then you have come to the right place.
We work with a huge range of clients, with a wide range of properties and budgets.
Garden Design
Garden Design is the key to making your garden the perfect fit.  Here are some key points:
  • We meet you at a convenient time for an initial consultation. It’s great to meet clients. You may have loads of great ideas or no ideas at all! It’s our job to take your thoughts and turn them into reality, or to come up with something bespoke.
  • Many of our clients have definite requirements. They know what they want to use the garden for and they have a good idea of areas.  We add-in expert suggestions to make those even better, e.g. how is the garden influenced by sun/shade, overhanging trees, overlooked by other houses, heights, etc. Your garden is a living entity that needs to work well. You’ve been given space and we can help you optimise it.  Knowing that a corner will never get much light, for example, allows us to make suggestions on use, planting etc. Whatever we create, it’s critical it works and we have years of experience to ensure that.
  • What you do not like about your existing garden is just as important as what you desire. Knowing what you absolutely do not want, ensures we get your garden design just right.
  • Our initial meeting and design ideas cover all the basics of any garden design layout, e.g. boundaries (fencing and walls), living spaces (patio, paving, and decking), lawns, flower beds, plants, trees, shrubs, and features.
  • After a design starts to come together, then we can recommend materials, e.g. good value/quality natural stone, fencing systems that will last, wall augmentation, level structures, decking, and lighting choices etc.
  • Our planting design and planning are original and complimentary to your garden. First and foremost the plants must fit their environment. For example, if you aren’t a keen gardener, then we can recommend low-maintenance shrubs that will thrive.  We can make suggestions for planting that allow beautiful seasonal variation.
With garden design, communication is key. We are very good at this. At every stage, we maintain tight management of your project. We strive to ensure the whole process is a stimulating and rewarding experience. Please explore other service areas below: