Everyone loves a wall

Garden walls are a great backdrop for any planting or raised beds. In former times, there were walled gardens where greenhouses and planting beds were placed in front of walls built in the southerly aspect of the garden. This provided shelter for growing fruit and plants but also radiated warmth from the sunlight stored in the brick during the day keeping things at a sustained and regulated temperature.
As part of your garden design, we need to assess any existing walls or plan for any new walls. In both cases, it is critical we check the foundations. Walls of many different materials are only as strong as their footings and we ensure those are to the correct specification for longevity.
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Materials, choices, and costs:
  • Garden walls in contemporary urban gardens also look great. They can be constructed in concrete blocks with a smooth rendered and painted finish or built with reclaimed old brick for a more traditional style. Often a combination of the two works well – a reclaimed brick wall with rendered and painted raised flower beds in front of it.
  • The cost difference between various types of timber fencing and walls can be considerable. The labour involved in terms of digging and setting foundations, building the wall and the cost of materials can all add up to a considerable outlay, so we will discuss all the options you have and all the ideas with realistic cost and time implications.
  • Time and cost aside, any existing structures (if sound) can be fully integrated into your new garden design and even augmented with rendering, trellis work, and top fencing.  There are many options we can chat through.
Wall maintenance…
Stating the obvious, you will find most solid structures in your garden don’t need any maintenance at all.  The only maintenance task might involve masonry paint after many years if you wish to keep your wall looking as new as when the original garden construction was complete.