Small Urban Garden Project in Battersea

We recently completed a client’s urban garden design in Broomwood Road, Battersea. The urban gardens between Battersea and Clapham, in particular, are often quite small to the size of the house and require careful layout design and planning.

Our landscapers have been landscaping and gardening in Battersea for many years, working in both garden design and construction. In Battersea, gardens come with their own unique set of design requirements, mostly related to limited space and optimal design to make the most use of that.

As a golden rule, size differences require careful layout design and planning to ensure the garden still retains all the required elements to satisfy the brief. Battersea has seen massive gentrification over the last two decades which has been accelerated by the relocation of the American Embassy. It has a lot of history, and a great deal of renovation and improvement has taken place which means that it is a great place to live and entertain. The houses in Battersea have great character but many gardens lack inspiration and are sadly not used to their full potential. We work on a wide range of projects, loving to create stunning gardens both large and small. Battersea garden design has its own particular challenges, but we think we have the perfect solutions.

Small urban garden Battersea

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This project in Broomwood road is a typical Battersea garden. After consultation and planning, we mapped out the garden and divided the limited space between a beautiful built-in seating area and a lawn. With an existing retaining wall that required only minimal work, we upgraded fencing all around to ensure the garden was well-contained by strong timberwork.

The planting was simple but well thought out. Minimal maintenance and the choice of plants that will survive in their new homes. Much of the planting was arranged around, above, and below the seating area, with an additional emphasis on scent and colour.

We expertly installed an artificial lawn which allowed the younger members of the family to continue to play mini-football on a new hard-wearing pitch! The overall result left maximum space, with designated functional areas, and it all came together rather beautifully.

Battersea landscaping project with bench seating

Many properties in London include old stock walls. Some of these are very well constructed and can be fully integrated as a beautiful feature of the new garden design. We see a lot of these walls in Battersea in particular. Like so many previous projects, the client and the team made a decision that we would incorporate it into the design. With a soft-wood batten trellis above the wall to match the contemporary tongue and groove fence panels on the side boundary, everything came together very well. This is a garden that can be used in any season. A beautiful functional contemporary addition to the property which can be used by all the family.