Garden Landscaping – let’s get creative …

We aim to build you a beautiful garden.  This requires us to expertly landscape what you already have, utilising its best features.
The landscaping part of your project can seem a little overwhelming. This is because it often requires some seismic changes to levels which take some work.  Clearance of your existing garden is always done with the utmost care.  Any plants identified during the planning stages will be stored carefully away from the work, but remain on site.  Plants are expensive and well worth the effort to keep and then augment with a new complimentary selection at later stages.
We work to level and prepare the site and include disposal and/or recycling of waste from the initial clearance.
Garden Landscaping can involve some machine and some manual work:
  • Many houses don’t have side access to their gardens.  We will properly assess access and protect any floors and doors in the house if we need to remove waste this way.  It’s easier than you think.
  • Most modern tools and machinery are designed to access a garden through side gates or even internal doors. If we need anything like an excavator or large hand-held tool to complete the landscaping part of your project, then feel assured that we have professionally handled access many times before.
  • It’s great to recycle and we want to do our bit to minimise waste.  Disposal of waste is very expensive these days. To that end, we will build in your waste removal costs with the project fee and recycle as much as we can to reduce that.
  • If all access to your garden is through your house, then do not worry.  House-only access to gardens is more common than open access in South West London. All waste will be carefully and professionally taken through your house, and all materials needed to make your garden beautiful and bespoke will come the other way.  It’s a process we have completed many times before for over 25 years.
  • When your project is complete, we will return any access to its pre-project status like we hadn’t been in the house at all.
Once your garden has been landscaped, then you will really see the project coming together. We will build, construct, wire, and plant. The transformation is very satisfying to take in. Please explore other service areas below: