Boundaries don’t have to be boring

When we visit your garden, we can check your existing fencing and make suggestions either on improvements of total replacement. Usually, the later is a better option. When we install new fencing, we ensure everything is done properly and to a high standard. That means securing 100mm x 100mm treated timber posts set in decent concrete foundations so your fence remains very strong during high winds.
Horizontal timber battens are increasingly popular in urban gardens. Thin strips of timber all around the garden can create a kind of outdoor room effect. It can be treated red-wood pine that is left in its natural wood finish or painted with an exterior garden paint. The results perfectly frame your garden. Western Red Cedar is also a popular choice for this style of fencing, but to be honest, anything goes! There is a very large choice of colours and styles available and we can advise.
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Choices, choices, choices:
  • If your existing garden has decent walls and fencing, then we can easily and firmly fix cladding to that structure to change the look.
  • Fencing is also an excellent structure on which to fit decent lighting. Brushed chrome downlighters installed at intervals along the batten fencing can accentuate the ‘outdoor room’ effect for the garden. At dusk and at night it really does look very inviting.
  • For finished wood with high-quality treatment or paint, we often use Cuprinol products. Over the years, we have found them to be the longest-lasting.
  • Suppliers of timber vary across the UK, but one of the best-known and trusted suppliers is Champion Timber.  Many of our material supplies come from them when we need high-quality timber.
Fence maintenance…
Painted treated soft-wood battens will require very little maintenance as long as the outdoor garden paint has been applied properly. Western Red Cedar will benefit from a coat of cedar oil once every two years. This will offer some additional protection to the wood and enhance the colour for longer.