Garden Lighting…

Look great in the evening

There is nothing like a well-designed garden lighting circuit to add ambiance to the finished garden layout. As part of the design process, it is important to consider any lighting and build that into both the garden landscaping and construction.  You need electrical circuitry properly installed and safe and every item well considered for its position and effect.
There are all sorts of options – downlighters installed at intervals on walls or fences, up lighters in raised beds to enhance a particular shrub or tree, and strip lighting under seating which highlights the paved or decked surface underneath.
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Lighting considerations:
  • Switching can be located inside the house or can be set up to be remote switching from a handheld control which would also control other features in the garden such as outdoor heaters, water features, etc.
  • There is a very large range of lighting you can choose for your garden. We don’t list suppliers here, because the choice is vast. However, we are happy to advise on some of the best options.
  • Garden lighting and any other garden electrical installations should only be carried out by a qualified electrician who can carry out and certify the work to the required professional/industry standards.
Why an electrician?
Once the design and landscaping brief has been fully worked out, then we introduce you to a qualified electrician who will complete the electrical work on your garden. We are expert gardeners with over 25 years of experience allowing you to benefit from our dedicated work in this area.  All electrical work must be carried out by a fully qualified electrical engineer so they can safely install, test and provide you with electrical certification.