Lawns & Artificial Lawns…

Natural lawns

Beautiful lawns make a garden, well … beautiful! In most urban garden settings, there is neither the time nor space to opt for a seeded lawn for the obvious reason that one has to wait a long time for the results. This can be frustrating for those in the family who want to get out there and kick a ball around for a while! A more convenient and sensible solution is to lay freshly cut turf rolls to form the new lawn.  The other challenges with seeded lawns are the excessive need for top dressing and preparation, and birds eating all your grass seeds! Also, weeds that don’t seem to be there on your perfectly dressed seeded lawn will most certainly be hiding ready to spread in their lovely nutrient-rich environment.  A high-quality freshly cut turf roll will massively reduce the chances of these problems. You’ll also have an amazing lawn almost ready to go with instant gratification. A bit like putting the icing on the cake.
Ground preparation is crucial too for turf soil rolls – the base should be free draining and ideally consist of freshly screened topsoil. The turf needs extensive watering for the first few days and even then, should not be walked on for about two weeks. But it will look great and should be weed-free!

Artificial lawns

The main advantage with artificial grass as opposed to natural turf is that it does not produce mud when overused in wet or damp conditions and obviously there is no mowing, feeding, weed control, etc.
The quality of artificial grass has improved immensely over the last few years but the end result is still only as good as the quality of the installation. It should be laid on a compacted base of course sharp sand framed by a timber frame which will not be seen. This installation will take longer, but the sand base will remain stable and not dissipate contained by the timber frame and the top of the timber frame makes an excellent fixing point to fix down the grass with weathered screws or artificial grass adhesive.
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All about lawns:
  • There’s something therapeutic about maintaining, trimming, feeding, and occasionally (in the distant future) weeding a natural lawn.  The satisfaction you gain from seeing the end result is very positive. All these tasks are also very easy for anyone to achieve.  However, if you have young children pounding around a damp garden and tearing up the grass with a football, then you might want to consider the relaxing feeling you will equally get from installing artificial grass.
  • There are many suppliers of high-quality artificial lawns in the UK. We have used Perfectly Green for many years. Check out their website for key facts and more information.
Lawn maintenance…
There are a myriad of websites out there with lots of useful information on lawn care.  You will need to gauge what maintenance suits your garden setting.  Not two gardens are the same.  For artificial lawns you do need to remember that the lawn is ‘low maintenance’… not ‘no maintenance’.   Even an artificial lawn needs a little bit of TLC occasionally.  The Perfectly Green website has a downloadable pdf guide for maintenance.  Worth checking so you know what you might need to do occasionally.