Patios, Terraces and Paving …

The area you dedicated to entertaining is often the space that offers some great choice for ground cover. So are paths and other areas where you need a well constructed aesthetically pleasing footway.  The choice covers a myriad of colours and textures using natural stone, Indian sandstone, limestone, slate, porcelain or granite.
We provide a high-quality installation service as part of your garden plan.  We use compacted aggregate sub-bases, carefully placed so you have a gradient fall for rainwater run-off. This is critical to avoid puddles or damp issues around your property.  Another careful consideration is the existing sub-floor ventilation (air bricks) and damp-proof courses on your property too.  Everything we install needs to be future-proof and constructed properly.
Patios, Terraces and Paving
Everything needs to work together:
  • Your property has a few design characteristics of its own. The colour of the walls/bricks, texture if rendered, colour and design of windows and bi-fold doors and thresholds.  We need to ensure the choice of patio, terrace, and paving works with all those elements.
  • Here are a few examples of paving/stone choices amongst many possible suppliers:
  • As you can see there are a LOT of choices.  It’s worth having a browse to get some idea of your likes and dislikes. We can make lots of recommendations and also let you know what might/might not be the best choice based on budget, application, and location too.

The other item to consider is pointing (the in-fills between slabs). We have found resin (the most advanced modern way to do it) is best. This compound is incredibly strong when set, but maintains just enough flexibility for a hard-wearing surface so it performs incredibly well. Again we match the appropriate colour to your choice of paving so the whole surface is complemented and neat.  For reference check this product from Topps Tiles: Proscape Grout

A side note on cleaning…
We recommend trying the old tested method of using warm soapy water. You leave it for ten minutes and then scrub with a medium to hard bristle yard brush. It is surprising how effective this can be for cleaning a multitude of outdoor surfaces and it avoids the risk of damaging your paving (or plants) with harsh chemicals, bleach, etc.  If the surface needs a bit more abrasion, then you can use a jet washer, but you MUST be careful. Jet washers can easily blow out the pointing between your slabs. They are just too powerful sometimes!