Water Features…

Keep it simple

A golden rule with water features in small urban gardens is to keep it simple. A simple standing stone, a contemporary brushed steel column, or a water blade cascading into a pool that is built into a raised flower bed, often produces the combination of sound and aesthetics that make garden water features so appealing. Anything more elaborate than that, and you are getting into a more specialised territory that will require considerable maintenance and cleaning schedules as the years go by.
Having a source of water in your garden is also rather critical for wildlife. Even the smallest water feature can provide a decent source of hydration during a long hot summer. More birds, more polinating insects, more flowers. It’s a complex, and yet simple relationship that encourages more biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem.
Garden Water Feature icon
  • Scale is important – the water feature should fit nicely into the overall design layout of the garden and not dominate the space too much. Anything too big and it will look bizarre. We can advise on something that augments your garden.
  • A garden (even a tiny one), has different areas with their own unique characteristics.  One area in the morning might be the perfect place to sit with a warm mug of coffee and another area, the perfect place to sit around with friends sipping glasses of wine.  Your water feature needs to fit with all those areas and have a place where it simply works.  Too close to a bench could be a hindrance… too far or too small from a path could make it obsolete.  There are lots of choices with water features and based on many years of experience, we can give you sound advice.
  • Again, stating the obvious, but your new water feature will need power … and water.  It may be stand-alone, or have a re-supply. Whatever is decided, we will ensure those amenities are included in the plans.
Water feature maintenance…
Many water features can be turned on/off only when you are there to enjoy them, or used only seasonally. This coincides with the natural rhythm of things in your garden too. You don’t get many birds needing a drink on a wet winter’s day!  Maintenance is therefore very easy. You may need to keep an eye on the outside temperature if being used during winter, but other than that, the instructions that come with most features are very straight forward and there’s very little expenditure to keep it looking pristine.