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We are garden design and landscaping specialists covering Earlsfield, SW18, and surrounding areas across South West London.

At PM Landscapes, we specialise in creating beautiful urban gardens. Many gardens in Earlsfield are small to medium-sized and are sadly neglected.  If you own a garden in Earlsfield, SW18, or in South West London, then we offer a comprehensive garden design, landscaping, and construction service.
Our team has over 25 years of experience covering all aspects of garden renovation and makeovers. Whatever your garden size or whatever ideas you have for your garden, please get in touch. We can make your garden stunning.

Why us?

One Project

We only work on one project at a time. Your project in Earlsfield. Every garden project gets our full attention so it’s perfect. We won’t be disappearing off across SW18 to start other projects until yours is completed. It’s how we are able to create something beautiful for you to enjoy.


Patrick will ensure that from the initial consultation right through the design, construction, and planting stages, every aspect of your garden project is carefully managed and taken care of. Personable, reliable and has over 25 years of experience creating gardens in Earlsfield and surrounding areas.


Gardens in Earlsfield, SW18 and South West London come with their own unique set of challenges. We are experts in garden transformation for this area. Beautiful entertainment space, planting areas, lighting, bespoke features, storage, or even a mini football. We’ve got it covered.

“Patrick and his fantastic team did an amazing job on our garden in Earlsfield. Great ideas within our garden and completed to the highest levels of work. The whole team are friendly, totally trustworthy, and a joy to be around. Most importantly our garden looks fantastic now and we couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend PM Landscapes, an expert team.”

HU-418988876 – Wandsworth – Houzz Review

“I would highly recommend PM Landscapes for any landscaping work. As I work for the Royal Horticultural Society, I was inundated with recommendations for good landscapers, but from our first meeting to discuss the design of a new garden, Patrick was enthusiastic about the project, gave me lots of great advice and creative ideas, and helped me crystalise what I wanted to achieve from my outside space. He provided useful guidance on the range of materials to use and how to achieve the maximum impact with my budget. Inevitably once the work started, there have been some design tweaks, and I’ve appreciated not only Patrick’s patience (!) but also his calm and methodical approach to building my dream garden. The attention to detail and the standard of finish are just what I was hoping for, and they made it a stress-free and enjoyable experience throughout. Patrick and Dave are incredibly reliable, neat, and tidy workers and perfect ‘house guests’, and I’m delighted to be able to write this testimonial for them. Now, off to water my plants…”

Nicola Harvey, Wimbledon SW19

“Patrick did a fantastic job laying down an artificial grass surface, and we are still in discussions with him on future work. He has been timely, polite and constructive throughout the relationship and we would heartily recommend him.”
Ben Shore – Houzz Review

“Absolutely fantastic company, reliable, professional and listened to what we wanted. I couldn’t be happier with what Patrick and his fantastic team have achieved, it looks amazing. The pergola is a work of art and the planter is stunning with all the beautiful planting. Very happy indeed.”
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Clapham Composite Deck before projectClapham Composite Deck after project

Clapham Landscaping Project using composite decking Before and After Photos

Wimbledon Slate Paving project BeforeWimbledon Slate Paving project After

Wimbledon Slate Paving Terrace Landscaping Project Before and After Photos

Battersea Built in Seating Project BeforeBattersea Built in Seating Project After

Battersea Built-in Seating Project Before and After Photos

Over 25 years building beautiful gardens across Earlsfield, SW18 and South West London

PM Landscapes specialise in garden refurbishment and development, and one of our busiest areas is Earlsfield. For over twenty-five years, we have delivered quality garden design and construction services in some great properties and wonderful clients in the Earlsfield area.

Over that time, many garden projects have been successfully completed to a high standard resulting in excellent customer feedback and recommendations.
Attention to detail. innovative design and skilled construction are priorities in every garden project we do. Whether you have just completed building works, moved into a property in Earlsfield that has a neglected garden, or simply have decided that your garden needs updating – contact PM Landscapes for a free consultation and quote.

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Feel free to check out our extensive services below. You can also see a selection of projects we completed near Earlsfield further down this page. Or to find out what can do for your garden, then please get in touch:

If we aren’t at a critical point constructing, installing, or planting, then will be able to answer the phone, otherwise, please leave a message and we shall contact back asap. You can also use our contact form if that’s easier.

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Our Services

No two projects are the same and you may not need everything we can offer for your project. But it’s good to know we cover pretty much anything to make your garden beautiful and fit for purpose…

Some examples of Garden Design Projects near Earlsfield, SW18

Small Garden Design Project in central Wimbledon, near Earlsfield SW18

For an average-sized urban garden in Wimbledon (also typical in Earlsfield), a lot of space was being taken up by a concrete block shed and some very overgrown shrubs located in the second making space really quite tight. Our challenge was to design a contemporary-style garden without losing any of the space we released when removing the old garden shed and other unwanted features.

Landscaping and construction started and it wasn’t long before we could see the full potential of the garden. After a full garden clearance (saving some key plants), we put in footings and built a brick wall to the right-hand and rear boundary of the garden. We also built a door for access to the alleyway.

Old or matching bricks can be hard to find in London, but we successfully sourced some really good quality London reclaimed yellow stock bricks for the wall. Even though these bricks were from the Victorian era of house building and have been weathered for perhaps a hundred and twenty years, they still worked exceptionally well in a contemporary setting.  Time and weathering over the years had given them a beautiful unique look. We further enhanced the wall with black up/down lighters set at intervals.

Contemporary horizontal batten fencing along the left-hand boundary was then installed and we added a well-designed 300mm strip continuing all the way around on top of the beautiful brick wall. To finish the contemporary look, the timber batten and garden door were painted with a grey/blue semi-transparent wood stain.

Small garden project Wimbledon

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We always listen to our clients and combine their great ideas with ours. Any garden needs to be unique to the client we are working for.

In this urban garden project in Wimbledon, our clients managed to source some premium quality 900 x 900 porcelain tiles from Italy.  In combination with smaller black and white UK-sourced tiles for the inlaid panel on the patio, these beautiful Italian tiles worked perfectly to make a truly unique entertainment space.  It’s never one item in a garden that makes it look great. It needs every element to work perfectly together to make that contemporary garden and entertainment space.

To that end, we also built a strong pergola which was painted with a charcoal/black semi-transparent wood stain. We installed a simple lighting circuit loose laid into the rafters and a patio heater installed on the back wall of the house.  With the main entertainment area nearly complete, we moved further into the garden to finish the landscaping and construction.

Unique patio design Wimbledon

To break up the height and emphasise planting, we built raised beds on the right-hand side of the garden.  A well-designed corner raised bed with bullnose-sawn sandstone coping was added to one side. This design allowed for a comfortable seating area in that corner.  Seating in combination with the rest of the raised beds at different levels really enhanced the planting. On the other side, we constructed an L-shaped raised bed incorporating a reservoir at the center.  We then added a really impressive blade fountain with water cascading above it. All raised beds had a smooth rendered finish with three coats of masonry paint in light grey.

This garden design in Wimbledon (near Earlsfield) was completed with the installation of an artificial grass lawn and extensive planting to all the raised and ground-level flower beds.

Blade Waterfall Feature Wimbledon
Blade Waterfall Feature Wimbledon
Raised beds a different levels Wimbledon

Old Garage replace with beautiful Garden Design with Storage/Shed Wimbledon

This is a great example of a total garden makeover where an existing and very old concrete shed that was overgrown with shrubs and ivy needed to be replaced by something new and the whole garden landscaped. The existing shed was way too big and in the wrong place. By removing the old shed/garage, we opened up the whole garden. The challenge was then to create something beautiful contemporary and bespoke for our clients. They still needed a decent amount of storage too. Much like many gardens in Wimbledon and Earlsfield, SW18, space, and storage are one of the biggest challenges for an urban garden.

Storage in any property with an urban garden and particularly in South West London means there always seems to be overspill into the garden. When the loft space and internal storage reach their limits, then the garden is the next place to store items.  This can soon overwhelm even a medium-sized garden.

A brand new contemporary 3m x 2.4m apex garden shed placed in the left-hand corner of the garden was a key component in the landscaping and design of this Wimbledon garden. Positioning worked well with the daily changings in daylight allowing the garden to retain lots of open space. By having the new shed in the corner with the long 3m side facing the house, the garden plans came together beautifully.

The old garage was demolished and all materials were removed/recycled. We also removed very old paving and warped decking. Raised beds and a seating feature were built down the right-hand side, and another lower-raised flower bed was built on the left of the garden to balance the look.

The clients for this Wimbledon project chose Brazilian slate. It was a wonderful choice and worked exceptionally well with the colour scheme of the shed, flower beds, and fencing and allowed a decent-sized paved area outside the shed door.

Wimbledon Garden Design with Shed

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Any outbuilding can dominate a garden. It is very important to choose carefully and also to orientate that shed so it compliments the garden space.

We are experts at advising clients on the optimal size of shed to include based on their garden dimensions. Obviously, the choice of shed is also important as there are many shapes in addition to size. If space allows, many also have their own porch and we can construct a small veranda to sit on during warm summer evenings. It is also easy to install electrical fittings in and around any shed or storage and make those a really nice evening feature.

With this Wimbledon project (much like so many projects in SW London and also Earlsfield), the layout ensured that the shed was built into the design of the garden, and in this case, even though it was a considerable size, it did not dominate the overall space. Perfect!

Wimbledon Garden Design and Storage

We installed pine cladding batten to the existing fences with downlighters at intervals on all sides. This augmented the contemporary feel of the whole project. Obviously you need strong fencing which will last a long time, but sometimes adding something to this is a great way to enhance the look without a full replacement.

Finally, we went to the surfacing and planting phase of the project. We completed this Wimbledon project by laying a decent amount of premium quality artificial grass and expertly planting attractive easy-to-maintain plants in all the raised beds.

If you need some inspiration and innovation for your garden storage in Earlsfield, garden design, and landscaping across SW London, Surrey and all surrounding areas, then get in touch.

Wimbledon garden design before work started
Wimbledon Garden Design clearance and planning stages

A Small Urban Garden Landscaping Project in Wimbledon

Many gardens are sadly neglected in Wimbledon (and in Earlsfield). These gardens need landscaping into something impressive and this project was no exception. After planning and implementation, we created a contemporary and functional garden that was very easy to maintain. The new owners of this property had just completed extensive building and renovation work inside. Our job was then to transform their outside space to match the high standards of their inside space.

Gardens outside many properties in Earlsfield and South-West London are not very big. At PM Landscapes, we specialise in gardens across a wide range of sizes, and creating something special for a small space is nearly always part of the brief. We are very good at it.

For every garden we need to create space.  We also need to create depth and height otherwise you just have a rather uninspiring box. When we add planting to raised beds we are able to break up the height in key areas of the garden making it visually and practically much more appealing. These are constructed with brick or concrete blocks and often rendered for that contemporary feel.

Raised beds can be as narrow as 600mm with a planting space of 400mm which is more than enough for an easy-to-maintain small garden. In this property in Wimbledon, we designed and built raised beds but more importantly, included built-in seating. The benching was set to a corner of the garden and created visual impact while allowing the garden to retain maximum space at the centre. This space, in turn, can include free-standing pieces of furniture; such as a round table with chairs in timber or metal. A great combination.

Enclosed urban garden design Wimbledon

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Gardens like this one in Wimbledon (which are similar to typical gardens in Earlsfield) which measure around 8m x 8m and are very common in urban areas. This space can be transformed into a useful ‘outdoor room’ if you arrange the layout in this way. There are many neglected gardens in South West London and particularly in Wimbledon and Earlsfield and surrounding areas where the housing stock is condensed.  Neglected gardens which are sandwiched between fencing and walls are often rife with weeds and slugs and barely used. If your garden sounds like this, then get in touch for a quote. We have provided numerous substantial upgrades to gardens across Earlsfield and Surrey and surrounding areas and the results mean you regain a beautiful space to relax and entertain. We also find many clients need a low-maintenance creative space outside.  This is one of our specialities.

If you would like to know more about how we can help totally transform your garden, whether that’s a Earlsfield landscaping project, a small urban garden, or any other outdoor garden design requirements, then get in touch.

Wimbledon small garden design before work began
Small Garden in Wimbledon before landscaping

Small Urban Garden Project in Battersea

We recently completed a client’s urban garden design in Broomwood Road, Battersea. The urban gardens between Battersea, Clapham and Earlsfield, in particular, are often quite small to the size of the house and require careful layout design and planning.

Our landscapers have been landscaping and gardening in Battersea, Clapham and Earlsfield for many years, working in both garden design and construction. In Earlsfield, gardens come with their own unique set of design requirements, mostly related to limited space and optimal design to make the most use of that.

As a golden rule, size differences require careful layout design and planning to ensure the garden still retains all the required elements to satisfy the brief. Battersea has seen massive gentrification over the last two decades which has been accelerated by the relocation of the American Embassy. Battersea, Earlsfield and Clapham have a lot of history, and a great deal of renovation and improvement has taken place which means that it is a great place to live and entertain. The houses in Battersea, Earlsfield and Clapham have great character but many gardens lack inspiration and are sadly not used to their full potential. We work on a wide range of projects, loving to create stunning gardens both large and small. Battersea, Earlsfield and Clapham garden design has its own particular challenges, but we think we have the perfect solutions.

Small urban garden Battersea

Click/tap any image to see a larger version in a lightbox.

This project in Broomwood road is a typical Battersea garden and similar to many gardens in Earlsfield. After consultation and planning, we mapped out the garden and divided the limited space between a beautiful built-in seating area and a lawn. With an existing retaining wall that required only minimal work, we upgraded fencing all around to ensure the garden was well-contained by strong timberwork.

The planting was simple but well thought out. Minimal maintenance and the choice of plants that will survive in their new homes. Much of the planting was arranged around, above, and below the seating area, with an additional emphasis on scent and colour.

We expertly installed an artificial lawn which allowed the younger members of the family to continue to play mini-football on a new hard-wearing pitch! The overall result left maximum space, with designated functional areas, and it all came together rather beautifully.

Battersea landscaping project with bench seating

Many properties in London include old stock walls. Some of these are very well constructed and can be fully integrated as a beautiful feature of the new garden design. We see a lot of these walls in Battersea in particular. Like so many previous projects, the client and the team made a decision that we would incorporate it into the design. With a soft-wood batten trellis above the wall to match the contemporary tongue and groove fence panels on the side boundary, everything came together very well. This is a garden that can be used in any season. A beautiful functional contemporary addition to the property which can be used by all the family.