20 years of quality garden design

PM Landscapes design beautiful and bespoke urban gardens for Wimbledon homes. 


How We Work

Are you looking to do something new with your garden?

Ever considered transforming your garden into a beautiful living space? Well, here at PM Landscapes we offer unique garden design for homes in Wimbledon. Our landscapers specialise in creating stunning urban gardens that are unique to each customer.

We allow homeowners to achieve their ideal garden for the best price. PM Landscapes have full experience in all concepts of garden design. Covering the Wimbledon area, we ensure our customers are 100% happy with the design brief, quote and results.

Garden design requires precision and attention to detail. Our professionals guarantee to recreate every inch of your garden, meeting your design ideas and requirements.

Garden design Wimbledon

For homeowners in Wimbledon, we can bring your garden to life, offering bespoke garden design and construction. Our services include planting, water features, turf installation and paving. We have worked with many clients, helping the change their home and lifestyle by redesigning their garden into a stunning, outdoor living space.

We will provide you with an illustration on how your garden will look after we complete the project, allowing you to have free reign over what you like or don’t like, all so we can put together the perfect design for you.

Turn your Wimbledon garden into a stunning outdoor retreat.

If you are struggling to come up with a design for your garden space, then PM Landscapes will help you start from scratch. Our landscapers will professionally measure your garden and compose a final plan.

However, even if you have your idea ready to be made a reality, we can help make this happen. We exist to transform gardens and grounds throughout Wimbledon, working with homeowners to create a beautiful and unique garden design that meets your criteria.

Converting your garden will make a significant difference to your home and your lifestyle, you will be able to enjoy your living space by creating the perfect resort when you need to relax and get away.

Landscape garden Wimbledon

Why don’t we get started today?

Why don’t we improve your garden today, speak with our team to discuss your garden design needs:

Call us: 0208 2438 553 or 07961 311 015

Email us: info@pmlandscapes.co.uk


Contact Us

Contact PM Landscapes by phone, email or via the contact page on the website.

Give us a brief description

Give a brief description of what sort of garden work you require- total garden refurb? New fencing, paving, decking etc? Have you got some specific design ideas for the garden yourself?

We will contact you

Someone from PM Landscapes will contact you to make an appointment to visit the garden.

Design Ideas

At the initial consultation, design ideas will be discussed and developed and samples of different materials such as decking and paving can be viewed on site and in photos showing how they can look when used in previous garden projects.

Specifications of Works

Detailed specifications of works and a quote will follow in a few days.